An Update On COVID-19

At SupperUp, the quality and safety of our products is our top priority. From careful ingredient sourcing to contactless home delivery, we take a number of precautions to ensure the safety and wholesomeness of our meals. We take this responsibility very seriously and we thank you for trusting us to bring you and your family delicious, convenient meals during these challenging times.

Scientific experts at the CDC, FDA and WHO have stated that there’s no evidence of transmission via food or food packaging, but it’s nonetheless critical to keep following basic hygiene practices (i.e., wash hands and surfaces often, cook to the right temperature). For more information visit the CDC FAQ page.

Katie, Travis & Matt

SupperUp FAQ

How many people can one meal feed?

SupperUp meal kits are designed to feed a family of 4. Of course, everyone has different appetites so we appreciate any feedback on how the portion sizes feed your family.

How often do you update your menu?

New recipes are added to our menu monthly. Be on the look out for new recipe announcements via email and social media! Sign up for our newsletter today

Is this a subscription?

No, it’s not.  Unlike other meal kit delivery services, SupperUp allows you the flexibility to purchase only what you want without any of the hidden fees or expensive subscriptions.

How is this different than other meal kits?

Unlike other meal kit delivery services that rely heavily on kitchen prep, SupperUp practically cooks itself in the Instant Pot® without any chopping or thawing, allowing you to spend less time over the stove and more time focusing on what matters most.

Do I need an Instant Pot to make these meals?

SupperUp meal kits have been recipe-tested and developed exclusively for use in the Instant Pot®, but can be prepared in any pressure-cooker appliance.

Product & Packaging

Why are these products frozen?

SupperUp meal kits are flash-frozen to seal in a fresher taste without sacrificing flavor and can be made at any time with the help of an Instant Pot®. We designed SupperUp to be more flexible than other meal kits to fit the needs of busy families and working professionals. No more wasted or rotting food that has to be delivered and prepared on a specific schedule.

Do I have to thaw the ingredients?

No need to thaw ingredients, simply take them out of their pouches and place them straight into your pressure cooker. Our meals are optimized to be quick and easy to make while maintaining their delicious flavor and texture.

Are there raw ingredients in our packages?

Yes, we include some raw ingredients in our packages (including raw meats) to provide a true home cooked experience.

Is the shipping packaging recyclable?

All of our meals are delivered directly to your door in 100% recyclable shipping materials

Are there vegetarian options?

No current meal offerings are considered vegetarian, though we will be launching some vegetarian menu options soon. 

Shipping & Delivery

How does delivery work?

We offer delivery three days a week (Wednesday, Thursday and Fridays). Place orders by 10 pm CST three nights prior to your desired delivery date.  You can choose which delivery date you’d like during the checkout process. For example, order by 10PM on Sunday for Wednesday delivery. 

Do I need to be home for delivery?

No you don't!  The box with your meals will be left on your porch.

How do I change my delivery date after I've already placed my order?

Please reach out to us at contactus@supperup.com.

Is there a minimum number of meals required per delivery?

Yes, a minimum of 2 meals is required per delivery

How much is shipping?

Shipping is $5.99 when you order 3 or more meals and $7.99 when you order 2 meals

When will it be available in my area?

There are plans to expand to a wider market in the future pending performance in our current markets. Check back for future updates.