What To Expect With SupperUp!

What To Expect With SupperUp!

SupperUp TeamSep 24, '20

Welcome to SupperUp! We’re thrilled you’re here. SupperUp is the exclusive meal kit partner of the Instant Pot® Pressure Cooker. Our homemade meals are designed for busy moms, dads, young professionals and everyone in between. When dinner is just a quick sauté.

SupperUp creates a seamless experience from the time you visit our website to your finished meal. Once you place your order, you can select between a variety of days for your delivery. 


Our meals are delivered via UPS ground and are delivered straight to your door - no contact required. We take the utmost precautions with our packing and delivery to ensure your experience is hassle free.


Our meals are delivered on dry ice (extra during the summer months) and should be unpacked carefully. The dry ice comes in a clear plastic bag. The proper way to handle the dry ice is to NEVER expose your skin to it. Try and remove it with the plastic bag and let it melt in a safe space (we recommend a kitchen sink or back porch). Bonus points if you do a fun science experiment with it! In addition to the dry ice, we pack everything in an insulated box that is 100% recyclable.


Meals should be stored in the freezer immediately after delivery. Meals should stay in the freezer until ready to cook - no thawing necessary! If you’re tight on freezer space, we recommend removing the components from the yellow bags and storing separately. SupperUp meals can be stored up to one year from purchase.


Now it’s the fun part! When you’re ready to make your SupperUp meal, simply remove the yellow pouch from the freezer and open the bag. Within each bag you’ll find a recipe card with step-by-step instructions as well as pre packaged ingredients. Bon appétit!